Build email marketing campaigns that generate quality leads

Email remains the most cost effective marketing channels for communicating with your customers. It is estimated that every $1 invested in a good email marketing list, can generate up to $44 in sales. But how do you know your email list has the right customers with the greatest potential to make a purchase? It all comes down to the quality of the copywriting you are using to collect emails. We can write an effective "copy" (marketing words) or "call to action" that can motivate people to sign-up or opt-in to your mailing list. We then manage the creation and delivery of your marketing emails in the most effective way to convert potential customers into real paying clients.

Email subscriber lists that engage your customers

Your email marketing campaigns will generate the highest conversions and ROI when you build and maintain an engaged customer subscriber list, that comprises customers who actually want to receive your messages by opting in themselves. Building a brand new email list can involve a fair amount of work, however our strategies for collecting emails from potential customers can make this task easy and build lists that you can monetise over and over again.

Some of the techniques you can use to start gathering emails include
1. Create a signup form on your website. Encourage people to stay in-the-know by submitting their email.
2. Direct customers to a landing page via social media.
3. Make an offer or provide a free product that customers can access once they sign-up

Email databases for targeted B2B campaigns